What are pathways in the adapt way?

Set the path for your business success

Pathways are a staged approach to doing the right work on your business.

Screenshot of Adapt's Pathways page, featuring steps like inviting the leadership team, understanding the journey, and aligning owners and vision, demonstrating the comprehensive approach to business strategy and team alignment.

So, what exactly is a pathway?

Think of it as a piece of work that you will do to learn, discover, build or improve something in your business. We have pathways that address your strategy, culture, leadership, systems and teams.

And we've crafted them so that they are simple and relevant for SMEs.

The pathways guide you through some learning, generally followed by a an activity or workshop, and finally recording all the great work you have done in our platform - ready for you to access at any time.

We have a growing list of pathways for your business which are continuously updated and improved. Each pathway is linked to a specific outcome to help your business evolve.

Your strategy has a firm foundation

You have a strategy for success

Your strategy is alive

Infographic of Adapt Pathways, showing various pathways such as onboarding, defining owner's why, aligning owners and vision, and agreeing on purpose, illustrating the process of strategic planning and leadership development.

Pathways & Outcomes

Tying a piece of work you do with the reason why you are doing it, is where our outcomes come in.

Each of the pathways we've developed fit inside an outcome - and we believe having clarity and an understanding of both the pathway and outcome will enable you to do more meaningful work inside the adapt HQ platform.

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