The adapt way

The adapt way

A proven path to resilience, powered by Succession Thinking

Many businesses build just for growth. The adapt way builds for resilience. Resilience creates sustainable businesses, making them more valuable and scalable.

The adapt way is a framework approach powered by a proven process.

Our framework helps you create the right cultures, strategies and leaders for the future. You’ve done amazingly well to get here, but what got you here won’t get you to the next level.
The adapt way will.

Seek role clarity

The nature of business means you probably perform a variety of roles within the operation, some with a lack of visibility. Naturally this can lead to confusion within the organisation, and yourself. Creating role clarity is a starting point for building your business strategy, including recognising the difference between your roles as an owner and/or a leader.

Define your vision

Your vision for the business is the source for all decision making. It is the combination of the destinational star on the horizon and the guard rails you’ve already established in your business to help guide you there. These guard rails are vital because when you hand over decision making rights and are less hands-on, they will continue to provide safety and support.

Empower leadership beyond you

A critical measure of ‘succession thinking’ is understanding how leadership can work in your business when you are keen to relinquish roles and responsibilities. Distributing leadership to others and empowering them to realise the goals and aspirations for the business is a necessary path to tread.

Embed lasting culture

Differentiation starts with culture. Creating an organisational culture that reflects modern thinking allows you to attract capable people and future leaders who want to exit the old paradigm of corporate culture. Attracting and retaining those who align with your goals and vision organically is the first step to producing sustainable culture.

Build your business way

Documenting what you want to do generates a data set for future leaders. It provides the clarity and support required to build genuine resilience and adaptability into your business. Creating ‘your business way’ - anchored in your vision - is a step towards future-proofing your organisational objectives even after you have passed on responsibilities to others.

Small business is the heartbeat of economies globally

Small or medium sized businesses make up for 90% of global businesses, up to 70% of employment and 50% of GDP worldwide.

So strengthening the long-term performance of small-to-medium business makes sense, right. It’s too important not to happen.

Building resilience into a business is the starting point for a successful journey. At its core, this is what the adapt way achieves for our clients.

The adapt HQ platform takes control of the uncontrollables

All that stuff rattling around your brain (maybe during sleepless nights). Things you know you need to do. Problems to solve. Opportunities to take. People to manage. It’s a lot.

Four people standing with arms folded and smiling at camera

Leadership centred

The adapt HQ platform is purposefully designed around leadership. Not just yours but building a team of leaders who can create the future resilience you seek.

Surrounding the leadership framework of adapt HQ is a number of business areas that require alignment and clarity to perpetuate your future business goals.

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Strategy for success

The platform helps you create a resilient and implementable strategy that takes your vision-based inputs and creates the measurement criteria to keep you on track.

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Healthy culture

An engaged and motivated team that’s aligned on the business vision and lives its values daily is vital for a thriving culture. Better understand your people's aspirations and how well the business is delivering on them.

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People and teams

Use the adapt HQ platform to help identify strengths (and weaknesses) in your people and teams, build more high-performing teams and empower future leaders.

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Systems and processes

Good systems and processes provide the consistency and efficiency required in any successful and resilient business.

Choose your journey

One thing we’ve learned is that flexibility is important. So subscribers to our platform have the option of being self-managed or having an adapt coach to work through the platform with you.


Drive your own journey towards business resilience, guided by our adapt HQ platform.

  • Your on-demand digital helping hand
  • Own your journey and move at your pace
  • Follow a proven roadmap for transformation
  • Enjoy an intuitive user experience thanks to smart tech and AI
  • An affordable, powerful step change for leading your business


Build a resilient business with our program, guided by our experts and powered by adapt HQ.

  • An exceptionally experienced coach, working alongside you
  • Be guided on your journey, at a pace that suits you
  • Experience the full transformation towards resilience
  • Leverage our most comprehensive Leadership Operating System
  • Your next phase of growth in organisational leadership

Meet the team

See these smiling faces? That's because this team gets to do the work they love every day. Empowering businesses to thrive.

Our values

We believe building an organisation driven by purpose and clear values are critical to its success. Our values are a living and breathing part of our business. We walk the adapt way every day.

Maximise trust

Trust and psychological safety are fundamental to building high-performing teams and contributing to a successful society. We work hard on building trust so our people can be authentic with each other. Our commitment to maximising trust is in our DNA and guides how we behave with each other, our customers and our eco-system.

Grow Together

We believe in the power of curiosity and creativity to enable learning as individuals, as teams and as an organisation. Activating intrinsic motivation is a big driver here. We treat each other as equals and encourage input along with challenging ideas. This means owning our own behaviour and looking for opportunities to share what we learn along the way.

Give a sh!t - GAS

Having a high GAS factor means we care and want to be part of the solution. We choose to set our community and society up for success. This means people over profit. We are actively engaged with our work, our customers, our stakeholders and our community.

Build shared value

We are purpose people, actively helping to build the society in which we want to live. We create value so it maximises outcomes for all stakeholders, our people, our customers, our society and our environment. We recognise our success and social progress are interdependent.

Walk the adapt way

We are a proud SME. We take delight in empowering SME owners and leaders to build great businesses. We put into practice our own principles and disciplines. By walking the adapt way, we are a shining example of using our tools, our technology and our processes.

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