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It’s not easy to build a great business, especially on your own. An independent, fresh set of eyes can see things that may not have been visible to you. Our coaches guide founders and leaders to pinpoint the strategy their business needs—and implement it.

Every successful business has had a helping hand.

Let us be yours.

Our coaches have been there before. They can meet you where you are on your journey and support you along the way to achieving your goals for growth and succession.

We guide you and your team through the critical steps of:

  • designing a firm foundation for your business
  • setting your business up for resilience and sustainability
  • keeping your strategy on track
  • embedding and nurturing your culture
Infographic outlining the vision-driven ownership team process, including vision, capital, and stewardship elements.

Design your foundation

This short series of workshops set a clear vision for the business by understanding the aspirations of the owners – and ensuring their alignment.

Infographic illustrating steps to design a resilient business: capturing baseline, inducting your team, forming strategy, and engaging people.

Design your resilient business

This process begins with a review of the organisation. Key aspects such as leadership, structure and performance are assessed to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Your coach will then work with you to build an effective leadership team; form a practical and focused strategy for success and engage your whole organisation in building a healthy culture.

nfographic illustrating the process of keeping business strategy on track with Adapt, including annual, quarterly, and monthly strategy meetings.

Keep strategy on track

Building on this work, your coach supports your team to implement the strategy through a disciplined structure of monthly, quarterly and annual meetings. This includes building a cultural leadership framework; defining and capturing key systems and building teams.

The adapt coaching process

Illustration featuring three compass icons on a light blue background, symbolizing guidance and direction.
Business coach shaking hands with a team member, representing the collaborative nature of Adapt's coaching program.

Thrive – don't just survive

Design a resilient strategy focused on how you'll be successful. Make it clear, practical and implementable. Then adopt the discipline to keep on track. 

Woman participating in a video call with her coach, highlighting remote coaching support.

Lean on your guide

The process begins with your Resilient Business Coach. They are your guide through the journey and remain by your side to discover, diagnose and challenge you and your business so you can take it from where it is now, to where you want it to be. They bring to the table a wealth of experience and share their knowledge and expertise on how to create a sustainable and resilient business.

Two business professionals enjoying a casual conversation over coffee, illustrating the supportive environment of Adapt's coaching services.

Learn from the best

Having a coach in the room gives you access to an independent but informed point of view. Your coach will provide your team with the training, tools and personal coaching to develop effective leadership.

Female business leader engaged in a strategic discussion with a colleague, representing personalized coaching guidance.

Do the hard work

Your coach will ask the tough questions, address the elephants in the room and make sure you and your team are not simply living in the comfort zone but pushing you and each other to achieve your aspirations for yourself, for the business and the team.

What our customers are saying

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

adapt builds a resilient and sustainable organisation.

James Staples

Owner - SF Design

Gabe is a great coach. He taught me as an owner to identify and connect my personal goals to my business goals.

Brendan Parker

Founder - AMPS and AMPS Academy

Gillian helped us build the framework to drive our organisational goals. We have been able to build a successful leadership team, which drives business values and creates a more resilient business.

Lorna Cook

Co-Founder - Chemo@home

Zoe has been our coach for many years. She brings enthusiasm and a wealth of business experience. Her desire to see her client succeeds makes her a genuine asset to any team.

Shane Addis

Managing Director - ERGT Australia

With Suzie's guidance (and persistence), we’ve made more progress than at any other time in our 30 years. We are more purposeful, productive and profitable. And we’re still improving.

Richard Thomson

Owner - Lindentech

We had the pleasure of working with Gabe and his team which has been an incredible journey so far.

Thomas McClung

Founder - Dorado Property

It is way beyond anything I've read or seen. It's been transformational for our business. A whole philosophy for SMEs towards succession planning and building a resilient business, with resilient teams clear on their purpose.

Group photo of Adapt team members at a social event, illustrating the camaraderie and team spirit fostered by Adapt

Whether you're a startup founder seeking to refine your business or a seasoned entrepreneur aiming to scale your operations, an adapt coach can offer perspective and clarity.

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