Design your resilient business

Build and implement your strategy

Design your resilient business

Resilience in your team, people and strategy is a plan for success.

Infographic illustrating steps to design a resilient business: Capture baseline (investigate leadership effectiveness and business resilience), Induct your team (team development and role clarity), Form your strategy (organizational guidance and goal setting), Engage your people (communicate journey, align values, introduce cultural leadership).

This process begins with a review of the resilience of the organisation and the effectiveness of the leadership team.

Your coach help your leadership team to improve their working relationships; understand the important work they will be doing; and begin building the behaviours and habits they need to be effective.

Effective strategic planning requires discipline and rigour. It is not a one-time event and it’s not easy. We will support your business as you take the first step. From there, we will get your entire organisation engaged to communicate the journey and get feedback.

Capture a baseline with the organisation review

This first crucial review identifies what’s working and what needs work. We start by understanding the business, your frustrations and get clear on where you want to go.

We use online surveys and face-to-face interviews to collect insights and intelligence about your business health. We look at the leadership practices in your business and use qualitative and quantitative data to measure the level of resilience.

The results are presented in an interactive workshop where you will begin working on your strategy for success.

Induct the organisational leadership team

The next step is to build the right team to help you lead and grow your organisation. During a full-day workshop, we tackle team development and start working on the right habits and disciplines to grow your leadership team’s effectiveness. Role clarity and agreement on who is responsible for what in your company are critical components of this step.

Build your strategy for success

Now we get into strategy. With your leadership team, we spend two days creating, re-aligning and focusing your team by answering the following critical questions:

  1. Why do we exist? (Your purpose)
  2. Where are we going? (Your vision)
  3. How do we behave? (Your values)
  4. What do we do - and DON’T do? (Your bullseye)
  5. How will we succeed? (Your focus for success)
  6. What’s important now? (Your goals and objectives)
  7. Who needs to do what? (Assign actions and timelines for your team)

Engage your people

Finally, we support you to communicate this information to the organisation. This includes a workshop with the whole company to reach agreement on how to behave, based on your core values. These values will guide your decisions and form the cornerstone of your culture.

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