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Make a difference. Join an active community of like-minded coaches to support owners and leaders building resilient businesses. Be critical to helping business owners fall back in love with what they do.

The benefits of being an adapt coach

Full support and training

You are already an experienced business coach so we teach you what you need to know to walk the adapt way successfully with your customers.

Online and in-person support

You get access to our extensive coach kit and our mentors, who are also Resilient Business Coaches, to guide you through the process.

Get results

Implement our proven framework and results-generating process with businesses and see the impact. With the backing of our powerful platform, you will reach more customers and build your own brand.

Learn together

Our vibrant community of coaches care about what we do and how we can do it better. Our regular community of practice and peer support events help everyone to stay sharp and up to date.

What our coaches say

Andrew Maiden

Nothing has given me as much joy in business as experiencing the success of an SME and seeing the owners and everyone connected with them proudly sharing in the achievements. The adapt framework provides me with the context for guiding SME owners on their journey of achieving a business and personal vision.

Susan Male

I love being an adapt coach. The framework and platform combine to complete a missing link for SMEs to deftly set-up for succession. Adapt is the leader in this space. The adapt community is a huge bonus for clients and for coaches. This is a no bull#### approach where the continual test is whether the value is being added ensuring the customer is moving forward to where they want to be.

Debbie Millard

As an adapt coach, I love being able to bring the whole of me as a leader, a coach, a senior exec from a large SME and a CFO to help my clients realise their aspirations. I recognised the best way I can add value to my clients is using the adapt way.

Wayne Robinson

I’ve spent a lot of time in management in corporate and SME businesses. My passion for coaching SME businesses is to help the owners achieve their aspirations. When I saw the adapt platform, I knew this was the missing piece in allowing me to achieve this. It’s such a privilege that I’m now part of the adapt community and family.

Suzanne McGrechan

I’ve been through the highs and lows of building and selling a business – twice! I empathise with the MANY challenges business owners face, which is why I am so so passionate about the work I do at ADAPT. Being able to help fellow business owners is so rewarding.

Zoe Finlay-Jones

After selling my food manufacturing business, I started using my experience to coach other business owner. I loved coaching but wanted a framework and proven process to deliver. After meeting the team at ADAPT I knew I had found what I was looking for, with the bonus of being part of a supportive community.

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Adapt can help you become a better business coach and help build you a stronger business

  • Proven process that generates results for clients
  • Supportive community of coaches for ongoing development
  • Rigorous onboarding and training program offered
  • Access to coach kit and resources
  • Strong network for sales and lead generation

Become a coach