SaaS platform

Technology and autonomy never looked so good together

The reason why we created a SaaS platform is simple. SMEs need and deserve every bit of support they can get, at a reasonable and accessible cost.

Screenshot of The Adapt Way Platform's pathways section, detailing steps for inviting leadership teams, understanding the journey, defining owners' why, and aligning vision.

Your path to business transformation

Our world class platform has been created to give you and your team the best experience to transform your business to get the outcomes you want with pathways.

Pathways are a piece of work that you will do to learn, discover, build or improve something in your business. We have pathways that address your strategy, culture, leadership, systems and teams.

Screenshot of The Adapt Way Platform showing health check scores by outcome, highlighting areas like effective leadership, focused accountability, and strategy foundation.

Take our business health check

Our health check, which takes only 5 minutes, gives you and your team a benchmark on where your business is at - hitting each of the outcomes we believe give you the best chance to build the business you want. The results will also show you what you're doing great and where there is room for improvement.

Objectives & key results

Objectives and key results (or OKRs) is a collaborative goal-setting model used by organisations to achieve challenging, ambitious goals.

The benefits of this robust goal-setting framework include improved focus, increased transparency, and better alignment around top priorities. Objectives and key results help entire companies communicate company strategy to employees in an actionable, measurable way.

All your strategy in one place.

Having a single place to view your working strategy is essential to making your strategy come alive. From communicating this to your fellow leaders, your employees, or even potential investors, having all this in one place gives you a central place to have conversations around your strategy.

See your strategy foundations

In addition to your 'live' strategy, you will work through your business's strategic foundations. This is where you set the guardrails for the business to enable effective strategic decision making.

Managing the work of team

For a team to be effective, they need a common view of the work they do - and we call these ‘actions’. This should be visible to all so team members can see who is working on what, what the status is and when it is due to be completed. This information should be readily available and be up to date.

This is something we see teams struggle with a lot. They try to solve it by having regular status meetings, where everybody gives their updates verbally, and everybody else loses the will to live. No wonder meetings get a bad rap.

To make this information transparent, our platform follows two seemingly too-simple principles of:

  • Make the work of the team clearly visible
  • Limit the amount of work in progress