More discretionary time

You want the freedom to work when you choose to and to have autonomy over your time for spending it with family, and on other life pursuits, as it best suits you.

Being stuck in a business that depends on you for it's survival is a sure fire way to have LESS free time. But how do you change this? It requires you to do something that most entrepreneurial leaders find incredibly difficult.

Hand over control and decision rights. As long as you hold onto these, you'll never experience the freedom you seek. But developing high acumen leadership and highly aligned people is a tricky endeavour which is going to take real work.

You need to learn how to recruit exceptionally well. And how to nurture people into the business to step up into these leadership roles. It all starts with your ability to build trust and psychological safety and to set the direction for what you want. And then, to build the leadership infrastructure that will set your leaders up for success.

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