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What our customers are saying

Natalie Bruyns

COO - Be Media

The real benefit in using adapt is to align everyone when you are growing so quickly.

Mark Evans

Founder - BE&R Consulting

adapt drives empowerment and accountability as without it nothing happens.

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

adapt builds a resilient and sustainable organisation.

Don McRae

Founder - Today Advice

adapt is unique in it is a whole business system tool that allows us to turn the people and cultural side which is often qualitative into a quantitative data set to see the trends.

Mitchell Buswell

CFO - Nexxis

It’s been a life saver for our organisation to assist with the complexity around our continued growth.

Mark Evans

Founder - BE&R Consulting

If you want to sustain great company culture and effective leadership teams the adapt platform and coaching have successfully helped structure our leadership teams and improve employee engagement. Very happy.

Richard Thomson

Owner - Lindentech

I would highly recommend adapt to every SME to assist with ownership alignment, building resilience, succession planning and creating an amazing culture in your business!

Thomas McClung

Founder - Dorado Property

It is way beyond an operational software system, instead it is a whole philosophy for SMEs towards succession planning and building a resilient business, with resilient teams clear on their purpose.

Mark Rheinlander

Founder & CEO - Carbon280

For me, the leaders’ forum is wonderful, I immediately associated with like-minded people faced with the same set of problems as me. I get value in and value out.

Build beyond you
the adapt way

A father and son working together in business

Founders and owners build their businesses through sheer hard work, passion, commitment and leadership.

But you know your business is bigger than you, and you’re now ready to transform your business using the adapt way.

The adapt way is your guide to a brighter future—one that goes beyond you.

Your new truth teller
adapt HQ

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The traditional consultancy model is broken. Good help is hard to afford, and even harder to find.

Our solution? Leverage technology and unlock the potential of SMEs everywhere.

The result is adapt HQ, the platform that enables SMEs to operate like much larger businesses but without the overheads. It’s how you can discover the core truths in your business.

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