Design your foundation

Design your foundation

Every business needs a solid foundation. Our coaches help the owners of businesses to clarify and agree on a shared vision as the first step in building resilient organisations.

An infographic titled "Vision, Capital, and Stewardship" outlining the steps to build a business foundation: agreeing on a vision, guiding capital decision-making, and fostering effective stewardship for a transparent and accountable owner-director team.

We know what it is like. You are busy forming and implementing strategy; nurturing culture, running operations and juggling multiple hats as a leader and technician in your own business.

While there may be financial aspects to your vision, it’s likely you, like most founders, also care deeply about customers; your product and services; your own team; and other stakeholders. You’re working hard to deliver a return on your vision rather than a fast return on investment. Your capital and vision form the bedrock on which your entire organisation operates.

An adapt owner mentor will guide your owners team through critical exploration and decision making to set the future system up for success, including:

  • Identifying the owners’ aspirations
  • Support the crafting of individual visions for each owner
  • Explore alignment on vision and the creation of a shared vision for the business
  • Formalise the accountabilities of the Owner / Director team
  • Design the guidance for the Owner / Director team
  • Induct the team into a habit of good stewardship to ensure a successful and resilient business.

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