Keep strategy on track

Strategy isn't a one off event

Keep strategy on track

Having a strategy in business is a plan, but without implementation it means nothing.

Infographic illustrating the process of keeping business strategy on track with Adapt. It includes steps for implementing strategy and embedding culture through annual, quarterly, and monthly strategy meetings.

Keeping the strategy on track involves a structured approach that includes regular monthly, quarterly, and annual strategy meetings.

Our approach is adaptable and responsive, allowing you to adjust and respond to fast changing circumstances while keeping your team focused and aligned on what matters most.

Annual and quarterly objectives (measured with targeted key results) instill accountability and discipline in the team to achieve what is really important for the business.

Your coach will support you to implement and grow a cultural leadership framework where behaviours in line with your values are recognised, encouraged and rewarded. Critical employee processes such as recruitment, engagement and exit will be aligned with the culture you want to build.


Coach-guided monthly strategic leadership meetings to review critical numbers, check on the progress of objectives and deal with any emerging customer and people issues.


In these quarterly strategy meetings, your coach will guide your leadership team to share information from their respective key functions across the business to understand what is happening. You'll review and score the objectives for the past quarter and set new ones. You will also measure your progress against your annual objectives.


Your coach will facilitate a two-day strategy workshop to revisit your strategy and set new objectives for the next 12 months. There is also a focus on cultural initiatives and building trust and psychological safety in your leadership team.

Maintaining this cadence provides you with the predictability, discipline and structure to do the important strategic work ON your business.

Embed your culture

Most owners and founders instinctively build a business they love to work in – closely tied to their own values and beliefs. Their own behaviours drive the standard for how the rest of the team turn up – and interact with each other and their customers.

We spend valuable time with the owners and leaders putting a cultural leadership framework in place to define the values and belief of the business – and make them explicit. The business can flourish and grow in line with this culture, even when the owner is not in the room.

Healthy culture

Intentionally building culture is at the core of the adapt approach. We help you to build a team of cultural leaders who are accountable for embedding the purpose, vision and values throughout the organisation. Cultural leaders are storytellers, advisors and mentors. They live the values of the organisation.

Rich data

The adapt platform also provides data on culture and engagement within your business that you can use to:

  • Align all people systems, such as recruitment, induction, engagement, remuneration and exit, to your purpose, vision and values
  • Measure and review your culture by analysing inputs from values audits; career valuation conversations, employee surveys, leaders observations and conversations with employees.

Get your business strategy on track

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