What are the adapt way outcomes?

Understand the outcome, we'll show you how to get there

When you have the big picture, you will have a bigger perspective.

Infographic outlining key outcomes of the Adapt way: having a firm foundation, a strategy for success, an active strategy, understanding critical numbers, effective leadership, doing the right work, and focused, accountable leaders.

Following other business frameworks can sometimes feel as though you're just doing 'work' for the sake of it.

The adapt way is designed around a set of outcomes that, we believe, gives you the best chance of building the business you want.

Outcomes touch on the four key parts of the adapt way:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Teams
  • Culture
  • Systems

The adapt way outcomes

Infographic titled "Your strategy has a firm foundation" with steps to define owners' why, align owners & vision, agree on purpose, craft a compelling vision, and set the values.

Your strategy has a firm foundation

You and your leadership team understand why the business exists, where it is going and how we will behave.

Infographic titled "You have a strategy for success" with steps to identify strategic themes, gather inputs, uncover bullseye, develop strategic anchors, and set strategic goals.

You have a strategy for success

You and your team understand that strategy doesn’t need to be complicated and understand that it is not a one-off event but requires consistent and conscious focus. You know that a key to your success will be your culture and everyone in the business understands your purpose, vision and values. You are clear on what differentiates your business and how you will succeed. You have identified the priorities for the period and have set objectives and key results.

Infographic titled "Your strategy is alive" with a business cadence to ensure strategy review and adaptation, stakeholder input gathering, and strategic objectives visibility.

Your strategy is alive

You have embedded a business cadence that ensures your strategy is reviewed and adapted on a quarterly basis. You follow a planning framework to ensure you gather inputs from all relevant stakeholders and that everyone in the business is aligned and focused on the most important things that need to be achieved to successfully implement strategy.
Your strategic objectives and progress towards achieving them are transparent and visible to everyone in the business.

Infographic titled "You understand your critical numbers," indicating the importance of knowing key financial and operational metrics for business health.

You understand your critical numbers

Each function knows their critical numbers and the business monitors progress on goals and objectives. The term "critical number" can refer to a key financial or operational metric that is crucial to the success and health of the business.

These pathways are planned:

  • Know the critical numbers
Infographic titled "Your leadership team is effective," emphasizing having the right people in key leadership positions and maintaining high performance.

Your leadership team is effective

You have the right people in the key leadership seats. You have a team who are committed, aligned and working together cohesively to lead the business. You follow a framework to ensure you continue to work on being a high performing leadership team.

These pathways are planned:

  • Apply good stewardship
  • Build trust & psychological safety
  • Align team on purpose & values
  • Assess team effectiveness
  • Have meaningful conversations
Infographic titled "You are doing the right work," highlighting the importance of prioritising tasks that leverage time effectively.

You are doing the right work

You and each member of your Leadership Team understand the work that needs to be done to build the business and how doing this work will help leverage your most precious asset … your time. You have implemented a few simple tools to ensure you prioritise this important work.

These pathways are planned:

  • Do the right work
Infographic titled "Your leaders are focused & accountable," detailing the structuring of business to serve customers and employees well, assigning leadership accountability, and fostering a culture of accountability and feedback.

Your leaders are focused & accountable

You have structured your business to ensure your customers and employees are well served. You have identified the key functions in the business and have a person assigned with leadership accountability. You have a culture of accountability with high trust and psychological safety, and and you have the tools to give each other regular feedback.

These pathways are planned:

  • Design for focus & accountability

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