Pathway: Set the values


Set the values

Set some 'real' values for your organisation that can drive decision making and behaviours across your organisation.

Why is this important?

  • Strong and lived values are the cornerstone of culture.
  • Culture IS strategy.
  • Your culture can't be replicated, and sets you apart.

How does this pathway work?

Why are values important?

We are talking core values here!

Not aspirational or meaningless values the PR company helped you write. Think of your core values as the few behavioural traits that are inherent in your business… they are the small set of essential, enduring principles that define your culture.

Your values must be authentic and communicate who you are at your core.

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What makes a good set of values?

If your values are well written, you can use your values to:

  • drive everyday behaviours
  • attract like-minded people
  • reward and recognise people
  • guide those difficult behavioural conversations
  • exit people from the business who don’t share your values
  • help make hard decisions

In articulating the values, you are sending a powerful cultural message: This is how we all agree to behave.

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