Pathway: Understand the journey


Understand the journey

Run the business health check on your business to understand your current state, examine the results in the platform, and finally, get your team to commit to follow the adapt way.

Why is this important?

  • Know what is ahead of you
  • Know it will take work
  • Know what you can expect as a result

How does this pathway work?

This pathway is where the owners and leaders answer the business health check survey, review the results of the survey, align the team on the upcoming journey, and then commit to to the process.

The business health check

The health check is designed to assess you and your teams performance against these categories:

  • You and your leadership team are doing the ‘right’ work.
  • You have built an effective leadership team.
  • You have structured your business so there is focus and clear leadership accountability.
  • You have a firm foundation for your strategy.
  • You have built your strategy for success.
  • You follow a framework to ensure you successfully implement your strategy.
  • You understand your business’s critical numbers.

Our meeting framework

The adapt HQ meeting framework is a big part of how we do the "work" of the pathway.

Each step (or agenda item) will give you the background information you need, some instructions on what you'll need to do, and why you're even doing this in the first place.

Because its such an integral part of the adapt HQ experience, we allow you to

  • Record the who, when, where & what of the meeting
  • Allow you to record decisions and minutes related to the meeting
  • Allow you to record actions to be done outside of the meeting
    • Integrates with our simple Kanban board feature
  • Integrate with your calendar system
    • iCal or Microsoft 365

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