Health check

Health check

Business health check

Spend 5 minutes to achieve some insights into where your business is strong and where it could be improved.

What is a business health check?

Screenshot of Adapt's business health check page featuring Gabe Enslin

Our business health check provides you with data-driven insights into various aspects of your business.

Completing our business health check gives you a high-level picture of where your strengths lie and where you could improve. Consider it a baseline for where you are at. 

Results are grouped by 7 outcomes:

  • You and your leadership team are doing the ‘right’ work.
  • You have built an effective leadership team.
  • You have structured your business so there is focus and clear leadership accountability.
  • You have a firm foundation for your strategy.
  • You have built your strategy for success.
  • You follow a framework to ensure you successfully implement your strategy.
  • You understand your business’s critical numbers.