The power of togetherness

Building a business can feel insular at times. Imagine being able to share your stories, challenges and triumphs with other like-minded business builders, and learn their secrets as well. We created the adapt community because we know how empowering it is to be part of something bigger—a place of learning, sharing, networking and collegial assistance.

You’ll never walk alone within the adapt community.


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What’s the difference between a mentor and a business coach?

The terms ‘mentor’ and ‘business coach’ are often used interchangeably; but, they are entirely different

I have how many roles!?

As an Owner, has your business given you the freedom you wanted? Helped you achieve your goals?

Customer stories

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Gilkison Investments

“… After only 18 months we have undertaken the most significant transfer of decision rights and ownership in our 40-year history….”

SMS Group

“Personally, it is one of the best things I have ever done. You will never look back!”

Antz Inya Pantz (now known as Antz)

“… It became really clear to me that there was so much need to embed some our knowledge that makes it transparent for the whole team …”

ESM Strata

“We are finally getting to the point where the Founder can achieve his succession goals…”

Be Media

“… using Architecture, we could work in any country and effectively deliver the same level of service …”

Chemo at Home

“… Our Practitioner has become a mentor, a confidant, a supporter and one of our most trusted advisors …”

Referral is the lifeblood of our business

The adapt tream

Nobody can vouch for the value of what we do like somebody who has personally benefitted from it. We know the trust you’re placing in us when you refer us and are committed to honouring your referral in the ways we manage it.

We’d love you to let us know who you are referring and any special guidance on how you’d like us to manage it.