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Chemo at Home

“… Our Practitioner has become a mentor, a confidant, a supporter and one of our most trusted advisors …”

At Chemo at Home, we understood early on that recruiting people with the ‘right fit’ was critical for patients but also the sustainability of our business. But managing people is hard and at times overwhelming. When the cracks began to appear, we went the easy route of downplaying the issue and focusing on the operational parts of our business. That approach didn’t work for very long.

We were introduced to ADAPT by Design and were immediately impressed by the framework and accountability it could provide our business. It ensures we get consistent feedback from our team, enabling us to identify areas for improvement, learn what is and isn’t working and adapt.

Over the last 18 months, we have faced some significant challenges: growth in activity and staffing numbers, implementation of multiple new systems, infrastructure expenses and more. Just recently we reflected on this and realised without the ADAPT method; we probably would not have made it through this time. It came as a bit of a shock to realise we are now in the strongest position we have ever been.

Our ADAPT Practitioner has become a mentor, a confidant, a supporter and one of our most trusted advisors. She embodies the ADAPT values and has helped guide us through both the ADAPT process and some pretty difficult times.

Julie – Chemo at Home


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