adapt for founders

You’ve earned this moment

Moments matter. In life. And in business. Now is your time to seize the moment, build a more resilient business, and liberate yourself to work on the things you love. This is your time to create more, with adapt.

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Goodbye pain points.
Hello adapt.

When you launched your business, you probably didn’t think that you’d spend your future working on things like people management issues.

But with adapt, you can concentrate on the things you want, like working ‘on’ the business and planning for succession. Best of all, you can do it in a simple and clear way.

Cultivate culture

adapt helps you measure culture within your business so you can make smart decisions about how to move the culture needle. All thanks to the way we evaluate real-time data.

Exit chaos

Sure, you’re a good multi-tasker but it’s time to take off some of those hats you’re wearing. adapt can help you build clarity into your business systems to facilitate growth in a sustainable way.

Sort priorities

Succession thinking provides clarity on your role and accountabilities, and how you can hand over decision rights to others.

Roadmap your success

Alignment and discipline to process give you clear space to go forward and flourish. Build the capability you always dreamed about for your business by putting adapt to use.

Make your business more fundable

Working with adapt can provide you with practical and successful ways to build resilience for your business through funding and investment.

The stronger business framework that adapt fosters can make you more attractive to investors, business grant distributors, banks and funding bodies. Having adapt on your side is a true competitive advantage when your business is being assessed.

Funding is also available to eligible businesses for accessing adapt's platform and coaches.

What our customers are saying

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

The biggest asset for me using adapt is I can do less work in the business.

Julie Adams

Founder - Chemo At Home

When the need for our home-based health care services skyrocketed, adapt’s robust infrastructure and cultural framework were pivotal to our success.

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

As a founder you think you can do everything. adapt gives clarity on how we do things so when a problem occurs again you have a calm, non-stressful, non-reactive, persistent approach in looking after your people.

Mark Evans

Founder - BE&R Consulting

A common SME problem is no-one knows what they were doing or are trying to do what they aren’t meant to be doing. adapt provides the accountability to do the right thing.

Richard Thomson

Owner - Lindentech

I would highly recommend adapt to every SME to assist with ownership alignment, building resilience, succession planning and creating an amazing culture in your business!

Thomas McClung

Founder - Dorado Property

adapt asked: Where do you think your culture is at? Pretty good we thought. But they asked how do you know? How do you measure it? We had no data to respond.

Josh Pullman

Founder - The Conditioning co.

My business has never been healthier or more resilient. I regularly recommend adapt to SME business owners who are looking to work more effectively and efficiently towards their vision.

Mitchell Buswell

CFO - Nexxis

It’s been a life saver for our organisation to assist with the complexity around our continued growth.

Alison Atkins

CEO - acQuire

Being a global business, adapt enables clear, consistent messaging across the company. This benefits reporting as the systems and metrics confidently demonstrate our growth strategies and how we achieve these.

Choose your journey

One thing we’ve learned is that flexibility is important. So subscribers to our platform have the option of being self-managed or having an adapt coach to work through the platform with you.


Drive your own journey towards business resilience, guided by our adapt HQ platform.

  • Your on-demand digital helping hand
  • Own your journey and move at your pace
  • Follow a proven roadmap for transformation
  • Enjoy an intuitive user experience thanks to smart tech and AI
  • An affordable, powerful step change for leading your business


Build a resilient business with our program, guided by our experts and powered by adapt HQ.

  • An exceptionally experienced coach, working alongside you
  • Be guided on your journey, at a pace that suits you
  • Experience the full transformation towards resilience
  • Leverage our most comprehensive Leadership Operating System
  • Your next phase of growth in organisational leadership