Succession thinking

The adapt way

A proven path to resilience, powered by succession thinking

Many businesses build just for growth. The adapt way builds for resilience. Resilience creates sustainable businesses, making them more valuable and scalable.

The adapt way is built on the principles of succession thinking

Seek role clarity

The nature of business means you probably perform a variety of roles within the operation, some with a lack of visibility. Naturally this can lead to confusion within the organisation, and yourself. Creating role clarity is a starting point for building your business strategy, including recognising the difference between your roles as an owner and/or a leader.

Define your vision

Your vision for the business is the source for all decision making. It is the combination of the destinational star on the horizon and the guard rails you’ve already established in your business to help guide you there. These guard rails are vital because when you hand over decision making rights and are less hands-on, they will continue to provide safety and support.

Empower leadership beyond you

A critical measure of ‘succession thinking’ is understanding how leadership can work in your business when you are keen to relinquish roles and responsibilities. Distributing leadership to others and empowering them to realise the goals and aspirations for the business is a necessary path to tread.

Embed lasting culture

Differentiation starts with culture. Creating an organisational culture that reflects modern thinking allows you to attract capable people and future leaders who want to exit the old paradigm of corporate culture. Attracting and retaining those who align with your goals and vision organically is the first step to producing sustainable culture.

Build your business way

Documenting what you want to do generates a data set for future leaders. It provides the clarity and support required to build genuine resilience and adaptability into your business. Creating ‘your business way’ - anchored in your vision - is a step towards future-proofing your organisational objectives even after you have passed on responsibilities to others.

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