Stuck in the business

Stuck in the business

It feels like you've bought yourself a 'Job' instead of being the owner of a business, and you've got no way out.

This state, along with constant overwhelm often drive owners to burnout, or desperation, which sees them shut the business down, or sell it for a dime.

None of these will serve you well or give you what you want and have worked hard for all these years.

If you want a way to realise maximum value for your business when the time is right, or to enjoy financial independence without being needed IN the business, you have to find a way to build a framework for succession.

The Succession Thinking principles are the foundational building blocks for navigating this challenge and overcoming them.

They are:

  • Get role clarity
  • Define a vision
  • Build leadership beyond yourself
  • Embed lasting culture
  • Build your business way.

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