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Join us as we chat with many amazing business operators aiming to do things differently.

We’ll explore the stories of how they are learning from their epic fails, adapting in business, building for resilience, and solving challenges creatively.

All whilst keeping their people & culture at the core of everything.

What our guests are saying

Bill Withers, author of Succession Thinking

Bill Withers

Author - Succession Thinking

The internal vision of a business should guide all capital decisions and ensure alignment among owners, preventing conflicts and ensuring long-term success.

Ben Charlton

Founder - Unveil Development Partners

Leadership is about serving others. It's understanding people, their values, and building trust through psychological safety. To create a resilient, long-term business, invite others in, align on purpose, and cultivate a deep connection.

Michelle Chin

People & Culture Leader - ERGT Australia

People are an organisation's biggest asset and their competitive advantage; a great product alone isn't enough. Constantly communicate your purpose and values, especially during times of change, to ensure everyone is aligned and engaged.

Alexander Dunmow

Co-founder - Ninja Software

If the realities of entrepreneurship put you off, don't bother. But if you still want to do it despite knowing the challenges, then you're the right kind of person.

Mikaela Greene

Co-founder - MyTab

Hurdles are called hurdles because there's a way over them. Stay solution-oriented and don't let problems bring you down.

Hamish Tedeschi

Founder - Mechanical Rock

I would be very clear about your vision alignment both internal and external before you go into any kind of shared ownership structure.

Jason Seel

Co-founder - Horizon Digital

Merging two businesses with opposite cultures is incredibly challenging; even the smallest differences can drastically change the workplace dynamic.

Jack Hallam

General Manager - Ammo Marketing

Taking the reins was a deliberate choice. We spent six months on role clarity, involving the team in every step, understanding their leadership preferences. This collaborative approach ensured a smooth transition from colleague to boss, which is always the most complex part.

Hamish Tedeschi

Founder - Mechanical Rock

We've been on a journey with 'role clarity', making sure people are crystal clear about what their accountabilities are and that they can make those decisions as well. They don't have to keep coming to us to say 'can I do this'?