The adapt way


Leadership is not about being the best but bringing out the best in others.

An illustration highlighting the leadership journey at Adapt, with various stages and key elements represented visually to demonstrate the comprehensive leadership development process.

Great leadership is the cornerstone of a successful business.

Having a high-performing leadership team, who are aligned in leading the business to achieve your vision is critical.

The first questions for a leadership team to answer are focussed on gaining clarity and alignment on:

1. Why do we exist? (Your purpose)

2. How do we behave? (Your values)

3. Where are we going? (Your vision)

4. What do we do – and don’t do? (Your bullseye)

Then, we'll answer these questions to build your business strategy and set your strategic goals and objectives.

5. How will we succeed? (Strategic goals)

6. What’s important now? (Objectives)

7. Who needs to do what? (Objectives & actions)

Your purpose as a leadership team is address these questions, and bring these answers to life as you build the business.

The answers to these seven questions will help to align the entire business with you and provide trust and clarity on the journey.