The adapt way


Culture is not an initiative. Culture is the enabler of all initiatives.

An illustration highlighting the cultural aspects of the Adapt Way, showcasing key elements of their approach to fostering a positive and innovative work environment.

A healthy culture is the cornerstone of any successful business.

We know from years of collective experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes that, without a healthy culture, you have no basis for a successful and resilient business. It is as simple as that.

An organisation’s culture is the shared assumptions, values and beliefs that determine how people behave. Any group of people who come together regularly will develop a culture – some will be positive and constructive, and some will be less so. Intentionally building a healthy culture is at the core of the adapt way.

An organisation’s culture is created from the implicit and explicit messages received by people about how they are expected to behave to thrive in the organisation.

A panel titled "Think Creatively" with sections for Meaning and Behaviors. The Meaning section highlights the importance of thinking outside the box, embracing failure as part of the creative process, and valuing feedback. The Behaviors section lists positive actions such as staying curious, letting others share ideas, and listening to feedback, as well as negative actions to avoid.

The importance of values

Values are at the heart of your business’s culture. And culture is something that cannot be replicated from somewhere else. If you are serious about building a sustainable business that can have a long-term impact on the world, you must pay serious attention to your culture. Well-considered and communicated values are essential.

They will help you to:

  • Clarify and make explicit the culture you want
  • Attract and retain the right people
  • Exit people from the business
  • Guide your decision-making
  • Build trust with customers
  • Define your unique brand identity
  • Support your strategy
A donut chart titled "Ideal Valuations" showing various factors such as Professional Fit (17%), Personal Fit (17%), Cultural Fit (13%), Training (11%), Mentorship (12%), Recognition (11%), and Financial (16%).

Measure and review your culture

Embedding a healthy culture is critical to your organisation’s success and we know there is always important ongoing work to do in this area. We encourage leadership teams to identify initiatives annually and quarterly to continue to strengthen the culture.

You do this by collecting and analysing inputs from

  • values audits
  • Career Valuation data
  • employee surveys
  • leaders observations and conversations with employees