So much better together

It’s not easy to build a great business, especially on your own. An independent, fresh set of eyes can see things that may not have been visible to you. Our coaches guide founders and leaders to pinpoint the strategy their business needs—and implement it.

The adapt process 

Every successful business has had a helping hand. Let us be yours.

Our coaches have been there before. They can meet you where you are on your journey and support you along the way to achieving your goals for growth and succession.

Thrive – don't just survive

Design a resilient strategy focussed on how you'll be successful. Make it clear, practical and implementable. Then adopt the discipline to keep on track. 

Lean on your guide

The process begins with your Resilient Business Coach. They are your guide through the journey and remain by your side to discover, diagnose and challenge you and your business so you can take it from where it is now, to where you want it to be. They bring to the table a wealth of experience and share their knowledge and expertise on how to create a sustainable and resilient business.

Learn from the best

Having a coach in the room gives you access to an independent but informed point of view. Your coach will provide your team with the training, tools and personal coaching to develop effective leadership.

Do the hard work

Your coach will ask the tough questions, address the elephants in the room and make sure you and your team are not simply living in the comfort zone but pushing you and each other to achieve your aspirations for yourself, for the business and the team.

What our customers are saying

Mark Rheinlander

Founder & CEO - Carbon280

For me, the leaders’ forum is wonderful, I immediately associated with like-minded people faced with the same set of problems as me. I get value in and value out.

Julie Adams

Founder - Chemo At Home

When the need for our home-based health care services skyrocketed, adapt’s robust infrastructure and cultural framework were pivotal to our success.

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

I found it has made my people much happier. adapt effectively curtails the chaos and uncertainty in a way that inspires and motivates better than any other way, like an all-hands meeting.

Mark Evans

Founder - BE&R Consulting

If you want to sustain great company culture and effective leadership teams the adapt platform and coaching have successfully helped structure our leadership teams and improve employee engagement. Very happy.

Natalie Bruyns

COO - Be Media

adapt is an on-the-business tool that gives structure to everything you do and what I really like is it forces you to measure your objectives.

Thomas McClung

Founder - Dorado Property

It is way beyond an operational software system, instead it is a whole philosophy for SMEs towards succession planning and building a resilient business, with resilient teams clear on their purpose.

Richard Thomson

Owner - Lindentech

I would highly recommend adapt to every SME to assist with ownership alignment, building resilience, succession planning and creating an amazing culture in your business!

Hugh Reynolds

Founder - BE&R Consulting

adapt have provided high quality leadership and strategic advice to our growing SME. Their web based platform provides a systematic method to manage the growth of the business.

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