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Our customers

Natalie Bruyns

COO - Be Media

adapt is an on-the-business tool that gives structure to everything you do and what I really like is it forces you to measure your objectives.

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

I found it has made my people much happier. adapt effectively curtails the chaos and uncertainty in a way that inspires and motivates better than any other way.

Renee Hakendorf

National Innovation Hub Lead - Core Innovation Hub

adapt helped us become a successful remote leadership team! Their framework was critical in keeping us aligned and building trust as a distributed group. the adapt Platform continues to be a critical business system for us.

Mitchell Buswell

CFO - Nexxis

It’s been a life saver for our organisation to assist with the complexity around our continued growth.

Richard Thomson

Owner - Lindentech

I would highly recommend adapt to every SME to assist with ownership alignment, building resilience, succession planning and creating an amazing culture in your business!

Julie Adams

Founder - Chemo At Home

When the need for our home-based health care services skyrocketed, adapt’s robust infrastructure and cultural framework were pivotal to our success.

Josh Pullman

Founder - The Conditioning co.

My business has never been healthier or more resilient. I regularly recommend adapt to SME business owners who are looking to work more effectively and efficiently towards their vision.

Thomas McClung

Founder - Dorado Property

It is way beyond anything I've read or seen. It's been transformational for our business. A whole philosophy for SMEs towards succession planning and building a resilient business, with resilient teams clear on their purpose.

Douglas Bester

Founder - Sentient Computing

The biggest asset for me using adapt is I can do less work in the business.

Nicola Ward

Leader of Culture and Leader of Finance - SMS Group Services

Today at SMS, our teams are more productive and accountable; We use the adapt platform daily; it is a fantastic tool for ensuring visibility of the knowledge, structure, teamwork and role clarity we needed.

Alison Atkins

CEO - acQuire

Being a global business, adapt enables clear, consistent messaging across the company. This benefits reporting as the systems and metrics confidently demonstrate our growth strategies and how we achieve these.

Hugh Reynolds

Founder - BE&R Consulting

adapt have provided high quality leadership and strategic advice to our growing SME. Their web based platform provides a systematic method to manage the growth of the business.

Laura Grierson

Director - Acacia Executive

I have never seen another business operating system that is focused on founders/owners being on the business and not in the business.

Mark Evans

Founder - BE&R Consulting

If you want to sustain great company culture and effective leadership teams the adapt platform and coaching have successfully helped structure our leadership teams and improve employee engagement. Very happy.

A proven framework

A father and son working together in business

A business that gives you what you want is a business that can thrive without needing you.

Whether you want succession, transition, transaction or freedom of choice, it starts with building high performance leadership.

From there, the right strategy, culture, teams and systems can set your business on the path to deliver what you want.

We call this building a business beyond you. And we've built the framework that does just that. It's called the adapt way.

A world class platform

Good habits create exponential return, but it can be hard to embed the behaviours that drive success.

That's why we built a dedicated platform for small and medium businesses.

It becomes the source of truth for the overall health of your business.

Build your business way on an operating system handling ownership, leadership, strategy, culture, team collaboration and systems.

A trusted advisor

A group of business coaches during a facilitation session

Every great success story had help to get there. Watch the transformative power of coaching come alive.

Whether it's accountability that comes from someone outside your team, or fresh perspective from a different pair of eyes, it moves you outside your comfort zone.

It's outside this zone where we build great things. Like moving our business from good to resilient, sustainable and scalable.

We're building a global network of highly experienced business leaders now sharing what they've learnt with others.

A thriving community

Community is much more than belonging. It's doing something together that makes belonging matter.

Famous words by Brian Solis which captures the incredible value of the adapt community.

Building a business can be a lonely road, but it doesn't have to be.

That's why we built a digital hub where small and medium business operators can co-innovate based on trust.

Join a thriving group of people building resilient businesses together.

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